Winemaking Club

Our winemaking club offers guests the unique opportunity to handcraft their own barrel of wine on premises.  Unlike at a wine school, here you can pick grapes right off the vine (or choose from a huge selection of imported fruit from California or Chile), and our head winemaker will guide you through the process using state-of-the-art equipment to create a wine to suit your individual taste.  Each barrel makes just under 300 bottles, so share this fun experience with a few friends, or let us help you design personalized labels for corporate gifts, wedding favors, etc.  Check out a preview of the process below, and imagine adding “Winemaker” to your business card:


When your chosen grapes are ripe, you de-stem and crush the berries (stomping optional) to start the fermentation


1-2 weeks after crush, bring back the group for the pressing process, which involves separating the liquid from the skins by lightly squeezing them


A few months later, siphon off the clear wine to remove any sediment. Taste your wine to preview the final product


Your wine is ready to drink! Transfer it into bottles, cork it, and put on your personalized label, then take it home to share with friends and family

Contact for more information about our Winemaking Club or reach her directly at (908) 251-2526